Yoga Ties combines the minds and projects of like-minded teachers, trainers and coaches with diverse expertise


GERTRUD guides you to your Healthy Lifestyle, combining Yang & Yin Yoga, all-natural cosmetics workshops, Meditation and Coaching

Growing up in a small town in tiny Belgium, GERTRUD TAVERNIER has always pursued the philosophy of “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body”. After her Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, she continued her studies with a 4-year PhD tract in the interdisciplinary fields of molecular genetics, nanotechnology and biochemistry. The move to Berlin (because of a collaboration with Berlin’s Max Planck Institute), made an internal switch happening. Once she got her PhD Degree in 2012, she decided to focus on whichever projects bring her joy and are aligned with her morals and passions. That’s how today, next to her freelance career as a medical writer, she is involved in herbal medicine, fashion design, R&D of all-natural cosmetic creams (she gives hands-on DIY workshops too) and… YOGA.
Her passion – or rather obsession – with yoga started at an 11-day silent meditation retreat in Thailand where 1,5h Vinyasa yoga was part of the daily program. Her flexibility improved beyond her comprehension (she always believed her previous stiffness was programmed in her genes). Since then, she vigorously practices yoga on a daily basis, training in different styles to provide the perfect balance between creation of peace of mind and body fortitude. She attained her RYA200 in India and her RYA500 teacher certificate in Bali and teaches a mixture of Vinyasa Power & Flow, Hatha and Yin Yoga. She recently got certified as a Budokon Yoga teacher and continues training in the movement arts of Budokon – a construct which combines martial arts, movement, calisthenics & animal locomotion and yoga.


FELIX gets you fit and in tune with your body awareness

FelixWorksOutOnTheBeach (2)FELIX SCHAEFER graduated from the Sports High School “Ludwig-Frank Gymnasium” in Mannheim, Germany in 2003. Shortly after, he moved to Auckland, New Zealand. There, he completed a “Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management” and a “Bachelor in Performing Arts”. After an ankle injury, Felix was forced to do physiotherapy. Part of his Physiotherapy Plan was Pilates. In his first Pilates class he tried to figure out why all women in the class have stronger gluteus muscles than he (he still tries to figure that out today). Two years after his first Pilates class he received a certificate in Pilates from Peak Pilates. He also trains and teaches numerous sports such as Kickboxing, Brasilian Jiu Jutsu, Basketball, Crossfitness, Surfing, Yoga, Athletics, Rugby and others. In his time in New Zealand he also discovered a passion for dance, in particular contemporary style. Felix currently works as a freelancer in Berlin, Germany. He works as an actor and dancer. He also teaches Pilates, Crossfitness, Movement and Dance classes.



MEGAN awakens the Yogi in you by teaching both Yin and Yang yoga and guiding Buddhist meditation as well as yoga philosophy sessions

MEGAN MULRINE is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor from the northeast USA. She has been practicing yoga since her youth, and became deeply interested in Buddhist meditation during the three years she spent living in Japan. She currently teaches yoga philosophy, history, meditation, and advanced asana at 200-hour teacher trainings in Bali and Nusa Lembongan, and is studying Balinese health meditation with a local healer.
Over the years, Megan has taught yoga and meditation to a wide range of abilities and body types, from children and high school students, to Japanese housewives and pregnant mothers, to US military personnel stationed overseas, to surfers and martial artists in Bali. She regularly teaches traditional hatha, vinyasa flow, power yoga, and slow-flow yin, but standup paddleboard yoga is still her favorite.
Megan is passionate about teaching yoga as a philosophy and lifestyle to people from varied walks of life. Her website, provides guidance and online courses for frequent travelers, with information on maintaining a personal yoga practice even while constantly changing locations. Her writing has been featured in numerous yoga lifestyle publications, including the Elephant Journal and the Yogi Times.

MICHAEL teaches you how to eat properly while training the warrior in you

MICHAEL SAUKULAK is a former United States Marine Corps Officer and Martial Arts instructor from eastern Pennsylvania, USA. His military training, combined with his love of food and cooking, has fueled Michael’s passion for teaching both nutrition and fitness as well as self-defense.
Since moving to Bali, when he’s not surfing, Michael works as a health and nutrition coach, providing personalized diet and workout plans to clients based on their lifestyle and needs.
His website,, is dedicated to debunking nutrition myths perpetuated by the sugar industry, with a focus on intermittent fasting and clean eating.
Michael is also an avid meditator with a deep passion for plant-based, mind-expanding medicine.





Join ROSE for classes in Surf Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kids Yoga & Retreats

With over 10 years experience of teaching yoga, ROSE HILL is qualified to draw from various practices and incorporate them into classes that offer a relaxing yet energising experience for her students. Her philosophy on yoga is this; while cultivating the art of deep presence, we focus our awareness and breath in each Asana (posture) to establish an abundant harmony and re-balance of our mind, body and spirit. Through a variety of postures in each class, Rose helps her students to build strength, flexibility and balance through alignment and stability.
Rose has taught in many countries around the world, most recently in Portugal where she was teaching for four surf camps, managing a yoga guest house and organising and teaching on all inclusive monthly yoga retreats. She now teaches on YTT courses and retreats in various locations.







ANNELISE is a naturopath and meditation guide

Born in Australia, with a Dutch mother and a French dad, ANNELISE grew up as an Earth Citizen. She discovered Yoga at the age of 18, and she’s been a devoted practitioner ever since!
When she finished her Art studies in Le Louvre (1994), she worked as a flight attendant during 20 years. She enjoyed travelling to get connected to people and to open her Heart and Mind. She came in touch with a lot of different cultures, and acquired a deep understanding: we are all Humans, with the same blood and inspirations – the essence of all of us is Love. She realized she had much to learn. About Life and Love. She started with herself: who am I? Step by step she dove deep into her passions by self-inquiry and following many workshops (a.o. with Louise L Hay – Heal your Self , Transform your life, the Power of Love – and Lise Bourbeau – Listen to your Body, Heal your emotions, Connect to your dream, Find your true self, Colors and symbols, Trust your inner feelings, Emotional autonomy, Relationship traps, … – Non-Violent communication, and many more). The more one gets the know the Self, the closer one gets to inner Peace and Harmony.

In 2003, she met her True Love! Yes, it happens!!! They got married and raise 2 children. In 2007, after one month holiday in Bali, she decided to settle there, with her family. The magic of Bali… a spiritual way of life… yoga, offerings, spiritual guidance and talks, the island offers all she needs and enjoys… She discovered Vipassana (Silent Meditation Retreat) which she found to be extremely useful and energetic.
Finally in 2013, she left her flight attendant job and started her Naturopathy studies – her true calling. In naturopathy, she found all is linked: Body, Mind and Spirit. All is connected: Nature and Humans – we are here with a high Consciousness, so we need to use it wisely, for the better, for the higher benefit of all. To be conscious of how we optimally nurture our body (foods and movement) and our emotions, that’s our mission on Earth, that’s the key for a blooming conscious Life.
“When you live with Love in your heart, you attract what is best for you. So don’t be afraid, open yourself to the Flow of Love. We have so much to learn, let’s be part of the change…”